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Maqui and Ripe Banana Smoothie

Maqui and Ripe Banana Smoothie

Did you know Maqui berry was traditionally used by warriors because of its nutrient density? Warriors used to drink Maqui berry beverages which contributed to the extraordinary strength and stamina that the warriors exhibited.


5 Minutes


Most smoothies are meant to be drunk right away, but you can freeze it too. When freezing, opt for non-shouldered jars. If you only have shouldered jars, do not fill up to the curve. This will prevent cracking.




Maqui berry is said to have the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food which is good for the immune system and cardiovascular health.


2 tablespoons of nut butter

1 healthy tablespoon of maqui berry powder

1 tablespoon ripe banana powder

1 cup water

1 cup of ice

Optional 1 tsp blackberry powder or raspberry powder or blueberry powder

Preparation & Cooking Instructions

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until preferred consistency. Pour into a tall glass, and then enjoy!