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Boutique Production

Large-scale freeze-drying companies start by acquiring mass produced frozen fruit.

The journey of our ingredients begins much earlier.

Our process starts by talking directly to farmers who agree to harvest when the fruit is optimally ripe with the highest content of nutrients, flavor, aroma and quality. Nearby parcel farmers and artisanal workers meticulously and caringly help us achieve our high standards of fruity perfection.

Located just outside a small town called Colimes is our 15,000-square-foot facility comprised of IQF system, small-batch precision freeze-dryers and our packing equipment. Vertical integration allows us to quickly capture and preserve the superior characteristics of ripe fruit in powdered form. The equator, Amazon rainforest, and the Andes mountain range, inspired us to design a unique proposition; a commitment to community, conservation of the environment, taste standards, nutrient density and a sense of exploration that is never satiated even as we find new superfoods.

Join us as we explore new tastes and discover the health benefits of superfoods.

From the Tropics to the Everglades

Strategically situated in South Florida, our US warehouse holds inventory to service small and medium batch copackers and food processors.

We reduce long lead times by stocking inventory ready to go from our US warehouse. Unlike large scale freeze dryers that make massive batches once a year or even every three years, our small batch inventory is imported monthly. Our nimble production can increase to accommodate your needs. By consolidating a variety of fruit powders we can bring smaller individual quantities and still keep shipping economical.

Industries We Serve

Food Service & Production | Cosmetics & Supplements

Our processes allow us to serve a variety of industries including beverage, snack, confectionary, bakery, sports nutrition, military, and all forms of food service. Within food service, we serve restaurants, hotels, hospitals, franchises, correctional, institutional and recreational facilities. Our superfoods are applied to gourmet as well as exotic recipes, cocktails, face masks, flavoring, smoothies, desserts, beverages and the production of aromatic candles, oils, and combustibles like incense and wood. Our ingredients are used to produce cosmetics, supplements, consumer packaged goods, gourmet pet snacks and veterinary supplies. We serve makers, creators, innovators and producers.

Freeze Drying for Freshness

Lyophilization is performed by converting the water content in fruit into ice, then removing the surrounding pressure creating a vacuum which allows the ice to sublimate. Sublimation is the process of going from ice directly to gas without melting. The benefit of freeze-drying is the resulting high-quality taste, aroma and color of ingredients, while preserving the nutritional value.


Clean and Slice

The freshly picked fruit is washed and sliced.


Flash Freeze

Fruit is frozen to a temperature below -50 F.



In a vacuum chamber, 98% of the moisture is removed at a temperature of -50 F.


Pack and Seal

The freeze-dried ingredient is sealed in food grade packaging to ensure freshness.

Our Machinery for Making Magic

While it all starts with ripe fruit from parcel farmers, our state of the art equipment transforms frozen fruit into freeze dried powder. Get to know our tools:

Small Batch Freeze Dryers

With our small and medium batch freeze drying equipment we can produce a variety of powders and slices while requiring lower minimum order quantities. Our freeze drying equipment is located at the same site as our individual quick freezing plant. Having the site in the farming region, with our own IQF facilities allows us to tailor, mix and match or even pivot production to meet your needs.

US Made Equipment

Our plant was designed by engineers from LSU (Geaux Tigers). Much of our equipment has been sourced from the US. Being vertically integrated and having our own onsite packing equipment like this semi-automatic auger filler allows us to preserve the integrity and quality of our ingredients.


Tell us about your business

Are you a copacker or product designer? We specialize in supplying small batches, in the 50kg to 500kg market, for makers of specialty snacks, beverages, supplements, candy, survival kits, craft breweries, food service and food manufacturers.