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Rainforest Supply brokers commodities and rare dry bulk for all sizes of ventures from enterprises that purchase by container load, pallet, sack and single use presentations. Let’s talk about your needs, ingredients, certifications, claims, humidity, granulometry, origin, and quantity. We source high quality and consistent ingredients from facilities registered with the U.S. FDA. We have relationships with farmers, collection yards, packing plants, lyophilizers and everyone in the supply chain. Our scouts are constantly looking for new suppliers so even if you don’t see it on our website we have likely come across it and may already be trading the material. When will you need it? How often will you need it? What volume will you need? Need help supplying a rare superfood? Ask for our bulk catalog of sizes, prices, certifications, quantities, qualities and origins.

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Are you a flavor house looking to formulate a new beverage? A cosmetics blender looking for a strong color? A restaurant that only needs one bag? From the Port of the Amazon to the Highlands of the Andes to Grand Valleys of Oceania our explorers are finding rarities.

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