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Why is Ripe Banana Powder Better than any Other Types of Banana Powder or Flour?

Ripe banana powder

Bananas are the ultimate super fruit. Packed with endless vitamins and minerals in a delicious snack, there is no question as to why they are one of the world’s most popular fruits. In today’s world, everyone is discovering innovative ways to include as many super fruits, such as bananas, in their regular diet. Turning fruits into powders or flours is one of those methods. How ripe the fruit is can make an astounding difference in the results. Here is why ripe banana powders are better than other types of banana powders or flours.

Ripe Bananas Have the Right Flavor

How can someone tell their banana powder is made from ripe or unripe bananas? The taste of the powder or flour is a key distinction as to the ripeness of the fruit. Unripe banana powders or flours either lack any flavor or taste extremely bitter. Since these powders are made from starchy, green bananas, they leave behind an unpleasant taste. The sour taste in an unripe banana powder is strongly potent and will overtake other ingredients mixed with it. Ripe banana powders, on the other hand, have the sweet banana flavor everyone knows and loves. These powders are made from the ripe, yellow bananas that people look for in grocery stores.

Ripe Bananas Make Immediate Improvements

Even though bananas are the ultimate super fruit, the ripeness of the banana alters how fast those vitamins and minerals take effect. Green bananas used to make unripe banana powders have less nutrients and take longer to digest, so the health benefits from the fruit is not as noticeable. The yellow bananas in ripe banana powders digest easier and faster. Anyone who consumes a ripe banana notices a positive change in their energy levels and health on the same day. The immediate outcomes include receiving an energy boost, relieving heartburn, beating constipation, improved digestion and more.

Ripe Bananas Keep the Body Living Longer and Healthier

​While there are many instant benefits to consuming ripe banana powder, the long term positives still remain. Unripe bananas have less antioxidants and can cause bloating. Ripe bananas help lower blood pressure and prevent certain anemia types. As these bananas are rich in antioxidants, they protect the body from cell damage and decrease risks of diseases. Ripe bananas are known to contain TNF which is a cancer fighting substance that guards the body from abnormal cells. These lasting benefits are only found in ripe bananas, and are carried with them when converted into ripe banana powder.