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What Is a Banana Drink Mix Powder and How Does It Work?

Banana powder is used in a wide range of recipes you are likely unaware of, perhaps due to the fact that banana powder is more nutrient-dense than bananas. In fact, according to the National Nutrition Board, banana powder has more fiber, potassium, and other nutrients, about 75% higher than the equivalent number of whole bananas. Here is what you need to know about banana drink mix powder as well as three applications for it.

What Is it?

Banana powder comes from processed bananas. The bananas are dehydrated and then ground to create a powder. This nutrient-dense powder is used as a base for drinks and more. Many nutritionists and scientists believe banana powder is superior to other fruit powder-based mixes.

1. A Drink Base

As the name implies, banana drink mix powder is often used as the base for milkshakes, smoothies, and green drinks. It can be mixed with other ingredients to provide liver and digestive support, promote a healthy nervous system, improve kidney function, and other health benefits. This powder does not have a distinct “banana taste.” It’s a base with which other ingredients are mixed, thus adding flavor. /p>

2. Baby Food

Many parents who make their own baby food use banana drink powder as a base. This drink mix can be used as a replacement for other starches found in baby food. It gives the food a great consistency and packs the nutritional punch that can benefit babies. Additionally, a high-quality banana drink mix powder can give babies the nutrition they need for good health. Consider letting your baby try a taste of it today!

3. In Baking

Banana powder can be used in baking recipes as well. Everything from custards to cakes, cookies, bread, and more can all benefit from banana powder. Many recipes can be found online that incorporate this type of drink mix!

Good nutrition is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Banana powder can make it easier to stick to good health convictions without sacrificing taste. A high-quality powder can be incorporated into a wide range of recipes for babies, kids, teens, and adults, as you can see above! Get the high-quality banana drink mix powder your family can benefit from daily. Shop with Rainforest Supply, your trusted source for all your superfood powder needs, today. We can’t wait to work with you!