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What is Maqui Berry?

What Is Maqui Berry?

Many varieties of berries are valued for their health benefits and the ease with which they can be integrated into a diet or used regularly as a supplement in extract, powder, or other forms. Acai berries, Goji berries, strawberries, and the most heralded of them all, blueberries, are regular parts of beverages, smoothies, salads, and a number of other food products. And an emerging berry from Chile is pushing for a place at the table with a slew of valuable health benefits: the Maqui berry — and it might be the best of the bunch.

What is the Maqui Berry?

The Maqui berry is the fruit of the Maqui tree which is indigenous to Chile. The Maqui tree is a smaller evergreen, growing no more than sixteen feet, making its fruit easy to harvest and abundantly available. The Maqui berry is a deep-violet colored edible berry that has been harvested and used for centuries by Mapuch natives in Patagonia. The Maqui berry is an essential part of Chilean traditional medicine and is considered to have a range of health benefits. It is used to treat or prevent a number of conditions from dry eyes to lung damage, diabetes, and many others.

Health Benefits of the Maqui Berry

While many so-called superfoods earn their reputations without the benefit of much clinical proof, the health benefits of the Maqui berry have been extensively studied and established. The Maqui berry contains more antioxidants than the Acai berry. Only blueberries are higher in antioxidants. Antioxidants are vital to combatting and reducing the risk of a number of prevalent conditions, including those associated with inflammation, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and even some lung conditions. An extended clinical trial found that 162 milligrams of Maqui berry extract taken three times per day resulted in significant reductions in damage from free radicals in subjects’ blood. A multi-week trial showed a significant reduction in lung inflammation among smokers taking two grams of Maqui berry daily. Pre-diabetic subjects were found to have profoundly reduced blood sugar levels after taking 180 milligrams of Maqui berry daily for three months.

How to Take Maqui Berry

Unlike some other healthful berries, such as Goji, Acai, cranberry, and others, Maqui berries are very pleasant tasting fresh from the branch and can be added to a diet as a fruit. As the plant is exclusive to Chile and not cultivated elsewhere, fresh Maqui berries are more difficult to find. They are most regularly taken as a supplement. Maqui berry powder, Maqui berry extract, freeze-dried Maqui berry powder, and even organic freeze-dried Maqui berry powder are all widely available, though perhaps not necessarily at your local supermarket. Order online today.

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