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3 Surprising Ways to Use Banana Powder

Have you considered adding fruit supplements to your regular diet? It’s a great idea because the nutritional and health benefits are endless, especially with banana and maqui berry powders. According to Healthline, maqui berries contain anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that significantly reduce heart risk. A study by Nurses Health discovered that 32% of 93,600 middle-aged women with the highest anthocyanins in their diet had a lower risk of heart problems. The issue is that most people have no idea how to integrate these beneficial supplements into their diet, so here are a few ways to use banana powder and get started on a healthier path!

1. Making a Batter

Make a batter with it for the best pancakes in the world. Americans are known for eating pancakes for breakfast, and healthier people are always looking for wheat flour replacements. Did you know banana powder is the solution? Instead of using any other flour, try this powder with milk, eggs, vanilla, and whatever else you add to the batter — it’ll change your life! You can also make regular cake batter with it, and you could include some fresh bananas to highlight the taste.

2. Use It as a Sweetener

You can also put the powder in ice cream. It’s best to use it in banana ice cream, but any flavor can benefit from a bit of banana taste. It goes well with mango or coconut. This is a great way to reduce your sugar intake, too.

3. Enrich Your Smoothies

One of the most popular ways people consume this fruit supplement is through delicious smoothies. You can mix all your favorite fruits and ingredients you need and add some tablespoons of banana powder for sweetness and enrichment. There are no downsides because this powder is natural, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

Now that you know these great uses for banana powder, it’s time to buy some and start eating healthier. You can get the best fruit supplements from Rainforest Supply, which will change your life in the best way! Contact us to place an order today.