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Plum Powder Freeze Dried

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Ultra-Pure Single Ingredient

Legend Says

In Asian mythology the plum was the fruit of choice of immortals for strength, vitality and virility. Modern day premium perfume makers use plum fragrance for its enchanting velvety, sweet, floral and syrupy notes. Plums are believed to have first grown in China. After that, they made their way to Japan where they believe the plum tree holds powers against evil spirits. Later it made its way to Europe, and America. Plum belongs to the family of apricots, peaches, and nectarines. You can find them in many sizes, various colors and flavors. This fruit is rich in anthocyanins, antioxidants, and vitamins such as vitamin C which helps the body heal, form blood vessels and build muscle. Many people consume plum fruit powder to benefit from its fiber content as a common home remedy for constipation.

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5 grams serving size, approximately 1 spoon. Click to enlarge.


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Explorer’s Recommendation

Plum powder is extremely nutritious and has a variety of health benefits to offer. You’d be surprised to know that it contains over 15 different vitamins and minerals. This flavorful powder can be sprinkled on fresh fruit, salads, and even to coat desserts like donuts. Another delicious and fun way to consume plum powder is on top of shaved ice. With our plum powder you can make syrups, reductions and drizzles. Sprinkle it pure or mix with other ingredients as a topping on fresh fruit like mangos and pineapple. Try making your own version of li hing mui using our plum powder as a base.

Discover a new taste

Rainforest Supply’s plum powder is a delicious gourmet taste, pleasantly sweet and rich. Use it to make some yogurt and plum powder panna cotta. Dust on ice cream or candy to add a bit of nutritious value to desserts. Sprinkle some on energy balls to get those antioxidants and vitamin C. Add some to water or tea once in a while to create a distinct elegant aroma. You can also top your acai bowl or morning granola. Oh, and let’s not forget about a simple but effective recipe, plum powder smoothie! End your week on a graceful note by making a salty margarita dusted with plum powder or rimming the glass with a mix of salt, spices and plum powder. This versatile ingredient can be added to almost any dish. Plum sauce, plum glaze, plum puree and plum reduction, give it a try.

Explore the benefits for skin, hair, and health

Plum powder has amazing benefits for health and beauty as it is an excellent source of vitamins (A, C, K, B1, B2, B3, as well as Vitamin E) and minerals. Many love it because it is low in calories but high in dietary fiber. Beauty gurus recommend consuming this fruit powder as its anti-aging properties can do wonders for the skin. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory benefits play a vital role in promoting skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc. If you suffer from acne and are looking for a natural solution, then plum powder can be your best bet due to its high amount of vitamin C. It also helps bring down the redness associated with acne and promotes healthy skin cell production. The vitamin C found in this fruit powder can also help you to get rid of dandruff, unclog the follicles and encourage hair growth.

Utilize it for bulk production

Freeze dried plum powder is practical and can be stored in large quantities for long periods without it going bad while keeping its aroma. Plum powder is an up an coming ingredient for the design of food, beverages, beauty, and health products.


Freeze Dried Plum. No added sugar.
It does not contain Gluten, Preservatives, Refined sugar, Sugar Alcohols, Animal products. Filler, Additives, Artificial Ingredients. Contains no added milk, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, wheat, gluten or yeast ingredients.


Prunus domestica


Five grams of Plum powder has:

  • 12 calories
  • 1 grams of sugar
  • 3.7 grams of fiber

See label for exact amounts


Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free


This ingredient is hygroscopic. Squeeze all the air out of pouch before resealing the zip top. Keep in a cool & dry place.




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