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Red Apple Powder Freeze Dried

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Ultra-Pure Single Ingredient

Legend Says

While the apple is a symbol of immortality, temptation, knowledge, and original sin, it is a surprisingly noble & good fruit. In Greek mythology, apples were protected by Hesperides and given as wedding gifts. For Romans, they were a staple of celebrations and rationings carried into war. They even planted seeds along the way knowing that some varieties could produce fruit in as little as 2 years. Apples are pomaceous fruits and tend to be acidic with red apples having a pH of about 4. By comparison, green apples and oranges have a pH of 3 to 3.5, and bananas are around a pH of 6. Because apples are high in fiber they tend to be filling. They are almost nutrient-dense enough to be a complete meal.

Product Size Chart

5 grams serving size, approximately 1 spoon. Click to enlarge.


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Explorer’s Recommendation

A red apple smoothie a day will keep the weight at bay. Try an apple and moringa smoothie. Our apple powder is made from delicious reddish-pink Fuji apples. Fuji apples are on the sweeter end of apple varieties and are good for a snack or adding a soft tropical taste, perfect for a post-lunch snack that won’t drag you down. Red apple is great for making desserts or as a topping on sorbet, frappe, ice cream, and frozen yogurt. You can make all the classics as well like meringues, cobblers, and pies without all the chopping. Sprinkle on muffins and baked goods substituting powdered sugar as a final touch. Rim your martini glass.

For the culinary explorer

Made from fresh apples sourced from Chile, this red apple powder allows you to incorporate all the health benefits of the fruit into your meals with convenience and ease. Blend it into smoothie bowls to add that sweet, crisp apple flavor with an extra boost of antioxidants and nutrients. Use it to create a fruity dessert or pastry, homemade sorbet, or even ice cream! If you don’t want to create something from scratch just toss a few scoops of this fruit powder into anything to add flavor, fiber, and vitamins. Create marinades, glazes, and tart vinaigrettes for salads. Either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this powder is sure to help you make savory dishes even when the fruit is not in season! This red apple powder is sure to become a healthy and delicious ingredient for all your culinary needs!

A boost to health

Apples have been doing much good to people who are health conscious. So, if you’re looking to stay healthy red apple powder is a great choice as it is loaded with high levels of phytochemicals, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, calcium, and potassium which can help protect the body against some illnesses. This powder is an excellent source of fiber, which is important to improve bowel movements and promote gut health. Many companies have begun including red apple powder as an ingredient in their products due to its beauty benefits. This is so because it helps hydrate the skin, potentially reduce acne, brighten the complexion, support healthy aging, and more! Try it and take advantage of all its nutritional benefits.

For bulk production

Looking for fresh ingredients without the hassle of storing fruit that can go bad in a few days? Use Rainforest Supply’s red apple powder for all your products. You can stock it in your warehouse and use it for bulk productions of any kind. Applications of this fruit powder include beverages, fillings, desserts, ice cream, sauces, confectionery, snacks, jellies, pet foods, beauty and health products, and more!


Freeze Dried Red Fuji Apples. No added sugar.
It does not contain Gluten, Preservatives, Refined sugar, Sugar Alcohols, Animal products. Filler, Additives, Artificial Ingredients. Contains no added milk, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, wheat, gluten or yeast ingredients.


Malus domestica


Five grams of Red Apple powder has:

  • 19 calories
  • 3 grams of sugar

See label for exact amounts


Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free


This ingredient is hygroscopic and prone to clumping. Squeeze all the air out of pouch before resealing the zip top. Keep in a cool & dry place.




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