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Strawberry Powder Freeze Dried

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Ultra-Pure Single Ingredient

Legend Says

Strawberries spread around the globe many years before humans and are present in a multitude of ancient records like Norse mythology; strawberries were the preferred fruit of the patroness of matrimony, Freya. Cultivation of strawberries as a commodity began towards the end of the Renaissance period, in the 18th century.  Strawberries are a member of the Rosaceae family and one of the most popular fruits in the world. This bright red, juicy, and sweet fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B9, and potassium. The polyphenols in strawberry fruit powder are good for brain, heart and digestive health. Strawberry powder also contains flavonoids and enzymes that reduce inflammation.

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5 grams serving size, approximately 1 spoon. Click to enlarge.


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Explorer’s Recommendation

While fresh strawberries are portable and convenient to eat, our strawberry powder has several advantages including ease of use and functionality. You can sprinkle it, mix it into batter or dough. Use it for plating or add to a drizzle. During the winter, when strawberries are scarce, you can add strawberry fruit powder to granola, yogurt, cookie dough, or anywhere a bright color and flavor is needed. If strawberry is your favorite jam but you don’t want all the extra added sugar, then you can use this strawberry powder to create a healthy version. The variety of strawberry we use to make our whole fruit powder is delectable, flavorsome and fragrant. With this easy-to-use, space-saving ingredient you’ll find yourself reaching for it over and over again.

From the fields to your kitchen

Strawberry fruit powder stores easily allowing you to always have natural strawberry whole fruit flavoring in your kitchen. Just a spoonful is enough to add to smoothies, glazes, sorbets, milk, cereal, etc. Add it to other powder mixes or smoothies. Strawberry powder goes well in making muffins, cakes, cookies, parfaits, ice cream, frozen yogurt, tea, kombucha, and pairs well with matcha. For the more experimented chef, try strawberry pork glaze. Mixology includes strawberry sour, strawberry margarita, strawberry daiquiri, strawberry gin smash, strawberry mojito, strawberry rum punch, and an extra kick of romantic fertility fruit rim the glass.

For health enthusiasts

It requires almost 10 times the mass of strawberry powder in fresh strawberries to make. Freeze dried strawberry powder keeps all the nutrients of raw strawberries. It is the perfect ingredient for those who care about their bodies. This fruit powder helps fight free radicals, aids in detoxification, rejuvenates skin, supports the central nervous system, and helps maintain a healthy pregnancy.

For mass production

Distilleries, breweries cideries and even wineries use our fruit powders for their functionality and predictable ease of measure. When it comes to saving space, you can’t beat having the powder version of strawberries. This ingredient is an easy, practical, and nourishing way to add to flavor to ice cream, milk, juices, and even beauty products such as body scrubs and facial oils.


Freeze Dried Strawberry. No added sugar.
It does not contain Gluten, Preservatives, Refined sugar, Sugar Alcohols, Animal products. Filler, Additives, Artificial Ingredients. Contains no added milk, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, wheat, gluten or yeast ingredients.


Fragaria Ananassa


Five grams of powder has:

  • 19 calories
  • 3 grams of sugar

See label for exact amounts


Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free


This ingredient is pure fruit powder and is hygroscopic. Squeeze all the air out of pouch before resealing the zip top. Keep in a cool & dry place.




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