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5 Key Benefits of Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa leaves come from the Moringa tree that grows in India, Africa, South America, and Asia. The leaves are ground into moringa leaf powder. This supplement has protein, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, Vitamin A, riboflavin, and iron. It can protect and nourish your skin, is rich in antioxidants, strengthens hair, reduces inflammation, and lowers blood sugar. Moringa leaf powder importers in USA distribute these products to health food stores and sell them online.

Another supplement known as Jacqui berries from South America is made into an extract. These berries are associated with helping reduce inflammation in heart disease, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and lung conditions. Both supplements are sold online.

Below are five key benefits of moringa leaf powder.

Moringa Leaf Powder Protects Skin

Moringa leaf powder can be used as an ingredient for a facial to reduce wrinkles and improve the skin. It has vitamins, antioxidants, and boosts collagen production. This helps with reducing the size of pores and replacing dead skin cells. It will moisturize the lips and skin when applied for about 10 minutes or less. It will open your pores and remove bacteria. It can help control acne better because of its antibacterial properties. Most manufacturers will have information on how to use it as a facial.

It Is Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants protect your cells from damage from harmful substances like chemicals and bacteria. The moringa leaf powder contains several antioxidants. In studies, quercetin is an antioxidant that has helped to reduce blood pressure in patients. Another substance it contains is chlorogenic acid, a substance found in coffee. It may be linked to lowering blood sugar and protecting your blood supply.

Helps Reduce Inflammation

In studies using moringa leaf powder for animals, it has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. The main ingredient that acts as an anti-inflammatory substance is isothiocyanates. These substances reduce the activation of carcinogens in the body and increase the detoxification of carcinogens. Inflammation is linked to chronic illness and this property may help in the future when more studies are done.

Moringa Powder Promotes Hair Growth

Moringa powder has iron, and hair loss has been linked to a loss of iron. Iron will help carry oxygen to your hair roots. The zinc in this substance stimulates hair growth. It has amino acids that help build healthy strands of hair as well. Vitamin C and E keep hair from breaking or turning gray. Moringa powder can be mixed with coconut oil and honey for five minutes applied and rinsed out. Moringa leaf powder importers in USA may have literature on how to apply it to your hair.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Diabetes has increased in the United States over the last several years. Studies have shown that moringa leaf powder may help lower blood sugar. These are animal studies only. These results are caused by plant compounds called isothiocyanates. This substance has been shown to reduce weight gain and insulin resistance in mice.

Overall, moringa leaf powder contains nutrients and antioxidants. Order it online from Rainforest Supply, one of the top moringa leaf powder importers in USA!