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What Can You Make With Banana Powder Mix?

In a large study, diets high in anthocyanins (a type of flavinoid that gives red, purple, and blue plants their coloring) were associated with a 12% reduced risk of high blood pressure. What you keep in your diet can have a massive effect on your overall health. Here are a few things you can make with banana powder mix.

What Is Banana Powder Mix?

First things first, what exactly is banana powder? Banana powder mix is made from processed bananas and is widely used as a component of baby foods and milkshakes. Being a major source of calories and carbohydrates, many scientists believe the benefits of the powder are superior to that of other fruits. It’s also been used in the treatment of indigestion.

Infant Food

One of the main uses of banana powder is as infant food. Banana powder milkshakes and oatmeal are common food for young children in India. Food such as raw banana powder honey balls can also be made for older children.


It may surprise you, but banana powder can be used for applications beyond cooking as well. A banana setting powder has been developed by professional makeup artists for use in photography. The mix is actually a combination of banana powder and translucent powder. The golden yellow town is considered universally flattering, though it’s best used on complexions that stay away from the ‘rose’ undertones, and it helps to blur fine lines, absorb oil, and even help color correct skin tone.

The Bottom Line

Banana powder mix is a very useful thing to keep on hand, having a variety of applications, both in cooking and outside of it. You may have to do some digging and use your own problem-solving skills to separate out the useful tips and tricks from the background noise, but all in all, banana powder mix is a great option, especially if you have young children.

As always though, it’s important that you’re feeding your children the right things as they grow, so if you’re ever unsure, talk to your family doctor about your children’s diet and take their opinion into account when you plan your family’s next meal. Banana powder is a great source of carbs and calories, but it is low in protein, so be sure to account for this in your child’s diet.