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What Are Superfoods? 3 Fruit Powders You Need to Test

Have you heard the buzz about superfoods and wondered what exactly they are? According to Diet and Nutrition Annual, superfoods are a classification of nutrient-dense foods with very few calories. You can incorporate superfoods into your daily diet by using superfood powders. You should order them from a reputable superfood supplier to get the most benefits. Start out by trying these three superfood powders.

1. Acai Superfood Powder

Acai is one of the best-known superfoods. The Acai is a small berry that grows exclusively in the Amazon. It’s chockfull of omega-6 fatty acids, omega-9 fatty acids, vitamin C, and is rich in phytochemicals that provide antioxidants. The Acai powder is easy to digest and delivers nutrients without packing unwanted calories. A reliable superfood supplier will have Acai powder in stock.

2. Baobab Superfood Powder

Baobab may not be as familiar as Acai, but it’s a powerful superfood. The Baobab fruit tree grows in Africa. This superfood is rich in calcium to promote strong bone health. It has high amounts of Vitamin C for your immune system and fiber for your digestive system; it’s also rich in potassium and niacin. Some studies have found that Baobab can help to reduce inflammation. It’s not a fruit you can buy off the shelf in your local grocery store, but you can get your daily dose thanks to superfood suppliers.

3. Superfood Blends

Another must-try superfood powder is any of the superfood blends. These blends are a combination of various superfoods that pack a nutrient-rich punch. A superfood supplier will have different blends to address various wellness goals. Blends are a great way to tap into the power of many different superfoods at once.

A popular blend that’s a great addition to smoothies is a berry blend. It’ll add a bit of flavor and improve the nutritional value of smoothies. Berry blends contain highly nutrient-rich fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and other immune-boosting berries.

Superfood powders make getting the nutrition your body needs easier. They can be mixed in with various foods and drinks to increase your nutritional intake. It can be a convenient way to improve your health and wellness through nutrition. Contact Rainforest Supply today and start your journey to a healthier you today.