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The Many Dietary Benefits of Banana Fruit Extract Powder

banana fruit extract powder

Banana fruit extract powder is made of bananas and can have many benefits for both your business and your consumers. It can be used for skincare, baking, and cooking. The powder has vitamins, carbohydrates, and fiber and is a good supplement to include in a healthy diet or for skincare. We will discuss how it can be used in preparing food at your franchises or when offering skincare.

Banana Powder Protein Shakes

If you’re a business that sells smoothies or protein shakes, buying banana powder fruit extract can be a great addition to your business. Adding banana powder to a protein shake will add nutrition and some sweetness to the shakes you sell. It will help add a creamy texture to the shake, fiber, and make your customers feel full until their next meal, making them want to keep coming back to have a daily shake. Shakes are an effective way to diet, and banana fruit extract powder added to daily shake packs plenty of nutrition. Some banana powders are made from plantains, a less sweet banana than the regular kind. The powder is a source of potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and potassium. It is 75% higher in fiber, sugar, and potassium than fresh fruit. Your consumers will be lining out the door wanting to come back if you use banana powder for smoothies or shakes.

Banana Powder Added to Recipes

If you are a business that sells baked goods or manufacturers different foods, adding banana fruit extract powder to recipes can add fiber and flavor. The powder can be used in making pancakes, banana bread, cookies, and pies. It can add sweetness and flavor to almost any recipe. Overall, it is a versatile supplement for making shakes, baking nutritious bread, muffins, biscuits, and cookies. Buy a bulk pack of banana powder to increase your consumer’s love for your food.

Banana Powder and Skin Care

Banana fruit extract powder can also be used for skincare by many professionals like you. It can be used as a powder to hide fine lines on the face, absorb oil, and correct pigmentation in the skin. It is exceptionally fine and easy to use on the skin. It can be dusted on consumers’ faces with a makeup brush and under the eyes with a makeup sponge. The powder can help set their makeup and make it last longer during the day. It can be used on all types of skin and has a yellow or golden tone. It can be used to make face masks to treat diverse types of skin conditions: oily, dry, combination, and aging skin. It can be added to the recipe for a mask to replace fresh bananas or added as an additional ingredient. This can be a great addition to your company if you sell any of these skincare products.

Banana fruit extract powder can be bought in bulk from us to keep your consumers coming to your business for more. Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from banana fruit extract powder.