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The Benefits of Homemade Smoothies versus Their Commercial Alternatives

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Smoothies are a simple and fast way for you to gain your daily vitamins and nutrients in a single glass. Knowing this, you try to incorporate a smoothie into your diet as much as possible. Your choices are to buy one at your smoothie shop, sign up for a subscription, or go to the store and purchase the ingredients to bring back home. However, these options fail to provide the extraordinary benefits that ordering online ingredients for a homemade smoothie can.

​Which One is More Convenient to You, Especially Now?

One of the struggles of a healthy diet is convenience. Going to the store to buy ingredients takes time and creates stress to those who worry about the current pandemic situation. Fresh produce is great but it goes bad so quickly. How much are you throwing out spoiled? With smoothie vendors and franchises, you have to consistently return to them to purchase another one and then another one. Ordering real fruit powder for homemade smoothies is the most convenient option because it removes the anxiety that comes with grocery shopping and visiting franchises at this time. Ordering online is a convenient method of receiving your fresh ingredients in one purchase without leaving your home and worrying about constant payments like a subscription service.

​Do You Know What’s in Your Smoothie?

The most important part of the smoothie is the ingredients. Every smoothie you make, you try to pack in as many vitamins and nutrients as you can without overloading on calories. It takes 35 grams of fresh fruit to make 5 grams of freeze-dried powders. Plus you will never go over 20 calories for each 5 gram serving. You can control the formula and calories. Compared to your other options, they cannot promise you the same healthy qualities and flavoring as real ultra pure single ingredient fruit powders do for your homemade smoothies.

Are You Spending Your Money Wisely?

You want to save time, but you also want to save money. Smoothie vendors, grocery stores, and subscription services do not save you money. Ordering smoothie ingredients online does. For vendors, you are regularly paying for an overpriced smoothie, as much a twice or threes times the cost of making it yourself, containing ingredients that do not match their value as well as the service of having someone make it for you. Subscriptions services rely on you to buy their products each month, take up freezer space and their products often times do not exceed your expectations in regard to quality and quantity. Ingredients like fresh produce from a grocery store can go bad quickly, resulting in another trip to the store. Ordering smoothie ingredients such as banana powder solves all of these problems and if you want to save even more money you can purchase your favorite flavors in bulk. It stays fresh longer, comes in large quantities, and has a price guaranteed not to break your budget.