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New Year’s Resolution: More Fruit Powders

freeze-dried fruit powders

The new year has arrived, and everyone is beginning to work towards accomplishing their New Year’s resolutions. Feeling more inspired than ever, you are taking the initial steps to reach your new goals as well. A prevailing resolution is to eat healthier. Sometimes this resolution is difficult to maintain the rest of the year, but there is a simple solution to how you can enjoy delicious meals while managing your diet: freeze-dried fruit powders.

Nutrients for Your Brain and Your Body 
​Fruit powders in the past held a poor reputation for their flavoring, additional ingredients, and lacking nutritional value. Today, freeze-dried powders transformed the once negative opinions into only positive reviews. In contrast with powders in the past, modern fruit powders contain only what they are meant to be made of: dried fruit. With the only ingredient being a fruit, you are guaranteed to obtain more nutrients to power your body and your brain. Blueberry powder, for example, can help improve your memory and lower risks of heart disease and cancer. Every serving of freeze-dried fruit powders has more vitamins and minerals than a single serving of regular fruit alone, thereby giving your body and brain than it needs in a single serving spoon. 

​Adding Fruit Powders Throughout the Day 
An obstacle that can stop someone from eating healthier is trying to apply their new diet throughout their day. This difficulty alone can be enough to convince a person to give up their health objectives. Freeze-dried fruit powders can easily be used during every meal of the deal, including snacks between meals. In the morning, you can put the powders in your smoothies, mix them in your oatmeal or açai bowl, and many other combinations to help you start your day. At lunchtime, you can use the powders to make different flavors of dressings for your salads. For the expected snack time, try the powders in a delicious muffin to keep you going until dinner. Finally, for dinner and dessert, freeze-dried fruit powders can add a sweet taste to various cooked meats and be an excellent addition to your favorite desserts such as cheesecake and macaroons.