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Introducing Maqui Berries: 4 Benefits Of The Latest Superfood

Introducing Maqui Berries: 4 Benefits Of The Latest Superfood

As a nation, we are trying to eat healthier. This year, more Americans are adopting healthy eating habits, like limiting sugar and favoring plant-based foods. The good news is that we may not have to try so hard. Nutritionists agree the secret to eating healthy may be as simple as putting together a colorful plate.

The maqui berry or maquiberry is a superfood and a deep, vibrant purple — the perfect splash of color for a balanced, plant-based diet. Here are just a few benefits of the nutrient- and vitamin-packed purple fruit.

The Cure For Dry Eyes?

Nearly 5 million Americans — 4.88 million to be exact — suffer from eye fatigue and symptoms of dry eyes. Studies show that maqui berries, in their natural form, in capsule form, or as a freeze-dried maqui berry powder, maybe the answer. According to Very Well Fit, “Scores on the Dry Eye-related Quality of Life Score decreased significantly after supplementation at both dosages, and tear fluid volume increased significantly after 30 days of treatment.”

A Solution To Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation refers to a long-term body response to inflammation. Chronic inflammation can lead to lasting increased blood flow and the ongoing release of additional proteins and antibodies. Short-term, this response is helpful, fighting disease and infection. Long-term, it may negatively impact organs and tissues and lead to life-threatening complications, like cancer.

Like plant-based diets, maqui berries are so rich in vitamins and nutrients that studies show they act as a deterrent for chronic inflammation. When paired with healthy habits like restful sleep and regular exercise, maqui berries can help put a stop to chronic inflammation altogether. Plus, a two-week clinical trial showed that taking at least two grams of maqui berries per day helped reduce instances of lung inflammation in particular.

Maqui Berries For Heart Health

A University of Arizona study confirmed that maqui has the potential to reduce stress on blood vessels and ultimately improve overall heart health. Research shows that the maqui berry is packed with anthocyanins, an antioxidant that promotes good heart health.

Treating Obesity With Maqui Berries And Maqui Berry Powder

Obesity is a serious health condition, leading to possible complications like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer, and more. What if maqui berries could help you maintain a healthy weight and reverse all of the ill-effects of obesity? Research suggests that it can.

Many studies link obesity to high blood sugar. Maqui lowers and stabilizes blood sugar levels, helping consumers lose weight and lower obesity-related risks.

The particulars of the American diet are not good. Studies show that as many as 25% of us eat fast food every single day! Avoid diets lacking in nutrition. Reverse the nation-wide trend by choosing colorful foods, like plants and greens–and superfoods rich in vitamins and essential nutrients.

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