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How maqui berry extract can help those with dry eyes

The Maqui berry fruit is commonly eaten locally in Chile and used as a medicinal herb to treat stomach problems like diarrhea. Not only that but maqui berry leaves have also been used on cuts to speed up healing. It’s considered to be a superfood, so it’s available via a superfood supplier online.

Recent studies have revealed that there are a number of antioxidants, particularly the health-enhancing anthocyanins present in maqui berries. This fruit possesses anti-inflammatory qualities and is believed to be beneficial for illnesses like hyperglycemia, osteoarthritis, high blood cholesterol, and Alzheimer’s disease. Maqui berries are now being researched as a possible therapeutic approach for dry eyes as well. Let’s learn more about how maqui berries can help with dry eyes.

Dry eye syndrome

When the body fails to generate sufficient healthy tears to effectively moisturize the eye, it develops dry eye syndrome. The common symptoms are inflammation of the eyes, itchiness, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision. Dry eye symptoms may vary from minor irritation to excruciating pain, and they can have a serious effect on an individual’s life.

Maqui berry advantages for dry eye

Generally, prescribed and over-the-counter moisturizing eye drops are used to cure dry eyes. Although these drops only provide temporary relief, there are rare chances for these treatments to be successful. According to Healthline, a study found that nutrition is essential for maintaining the sensitive eye tissues and promoting tear formation, which may help cure dry eyes. 13 participants with dry eyes participated in a brief 30-day trial where it was discovered that taking 30–60 mg of a concentrated maqui berry extract daily boosted tear production by about 50%.

The antioxidant properties of anthocyanins are exceptionally plentiful in this fruit. These substances can help relieve dry eye conditions by minimizing the damage brought on by UV rays and other external conditions, including pollution, inflammation reduction, better tear quality, and boosting the number of tears.

How to use and prepare maqui berry extract

There are numerous alternatives to maqui berry products you can buy from a superfood supplier, including tablets, drinks, freeze-dried powders, and extracts. Drops can be taken orally or mixed with water or any other beverage. Freeze-dried powder and juice can also work as a tasty and tangy ingredient in shakes, porridge, or mocktails. Usage of supplements is also very common, although there is a recommended dosage that is 30 to 60 mg.

As you can see, maqui berry extract can be used for dry eye relief, and this extract can be bought from a reliable superfood supplier like Rainforest Supply. Place an order today!