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Even Picky Kids Go Bananas for Superfood Powders

ripe banana powder

If you’ve been blessed with a picky eater, you know how tough it can be to make sure they eat a variety of nutritious foods. Sure, you can try to make nutrition a game. Divulging facts like that maqui berries come from a tree that grows up to 16 feet can be fun for kids. But at the end of the day, you sometimes have to just hide superfoods like ripe banana powder, cranberry powder, and powder of blueberry in everyday meals.

It’s no secret that dealing with a kiddo who turns a nose at family favorites can be challenging. However, you can definitely make it easier on yourself. Try a few simple — and maybe a bit sneaky — strategies to turn even a picky eater into a healthier individual.

Lean Heavily on a Nutrient-Packed Food Your Child Loves

Usually, picky children have at least one healthy ingredient they willingly eat. Take bananas, for instance. Lots of kids like their look, texture, and taste. That’s awesome for you as a parent, because you can easily put ripe banana powder or banana flour into dishes. For instance, why not add a scoop of ripe banana powder into a chocolate milkshake? Or stir a tablespoon of ripe banana powder into hot cocoa made with cane sugar?

Does your child eat peanut butter and jelly? You may even be able to mix some ripe banana powder and berry powder into the jelly or jam. Don’t go overboard, but find ways to make the preferred item a regular part of your child’s diet. Superfoods like a banana in the form of ripe banana powder or maqui berries turned into maqui powder can save the day and supply antioxidants and vitamins.

Make Your Child Your Food Prep and Cooking Companion

Sometimes, picky eaters just need more information on the foods they find on their plates. Take your child to the grocery store and have them pick out ripe fruits and veggies. Make a point of talking about the meals you’ll be making, and allow your child to help out. Make it a fun time together, taking pictures on your camera and discussing the different ingredients.

Over time, your son or daughter may start to get more comfortable with common and uncommon foods. Encourage them to taste produce raw and cooked, and to assist you in finding new recipes that make use of wholesome foods and add-ons like cranberry powder and pure cane sugar. You might be surprised at how quickly your child’s palate matures and develops.

Clean up Your Own Plate

Do you have a tendency to complain about foods and only eat certain items? Your child’s pickiness may be learned behavior. If you begin to introduce products like maqui berry into your diet, your child may take notice.

Clean out your pantry systematically and replace unhealthier options of ingredients with healthier ones. For instance, buy panela sugar in bulk to use instead of refined white sugar. Not only will your child develop a more sophisticated taste for better foods, but so will you and the rest of your family!

Raising a picky eater isn’t always simple. Nevertheless, you can win over the pickiest of palates with a little creativity and patience.