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Delicious Superfruits And Freeze Dried Maqui Berry Powder

Delicious Superfruits and Freeze Dried Maqui Berry Powder

One of the most exciting categories in the field of health and fitness is the category of superfruits. By definition, superfruits are nutritious foods that provide ample nourishing effects such as vitamins, minerals, plant enzymes, and especially antioxidants…and more! The benefits are fantastic! Superfruits such as maqui berry help boost your immune system and they are, overall, just wonderful for your general health. Superfruits are available in powdered form, too, such as blueberry powder and freeze dried maqui berry powder. Some of this may sound unfamiliar and exotic, but actually most of the superfruits are available right now at your local grocery store. Here’s a look at a few of them, and some of their distinct benefits and characteristics.


In the world of fruits, blueberries are actually among the most very powerful antioxidants. Blueberries can also improve cardiovascular health because they work against the buildup of plaque. Blueberries have also been shown as contributing to lower levels of bad cholesterol, or LDL. On top of that, they are delicious! Blend a handful of blueberries into your shake or smoothie and enjoy.

Maqui berries

For an exotic treat with fabulous health benefits, try the maqui berry. Maqui is an evergreen plant and the small berries it bears are blackish-purple, like blackberries. The antioxidants in maqui berries are said to support longevity and the immune system as well as offering other advantages, too. For instance, blood sugar levels in people with prediabetes fell by an average of 5% when they had a once-daily dose of 180 mg of maqui berry extract, according to a three-month clinical study. So for a cool and soothing treat, toss some freeze dried maqui berry powder in your next smoothie or shake!


The luscious fig will add a dimension of sweetness to your meal. And they bring so much more, as well! Filled with high potassium levels, figs are a natural regulator for the body’s blood sugar level. This is a great benefit that can bring lifelong advantages. Also, their high fiber content helps with your digestive process.


Kiwis are incredibly abundant in natural vitamin C! Kiwi fruit is also loaded with fiber which is fantastic for your digestive system. Another added benefit is that vitamins C and E in kiwi fruit are wonderful for your skin because they serve as antioxidants and prevent your skin from showing the ravages of time.


Give your immune system a great boost by having a glass of lemon water every day. The humble lemon is one of the most effective sources of natural vitamin C. This is antioxidant is extremely powerful! and who could ever imagine that an added benefit would be the glow that your skin achieves when you have lemon in your diet. So, that lemon smoothie is definitely a good move!

Superfruit Summary

The benefits of superfruits are widespread! And the possibilities for adding them to your diet are only limited by your imagination. You can use fresh fruits, and you can also create superfruit smoothies and shakes using powders such as freeze dried maqui berry powder, cranberry powder, or plum powder. Once you start serving yourself these delicious, nutritious superfood treats, your body will definitely thank you!

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