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6 Fruits That Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

When individuals develop high blood pressure, the condition causes their heart to pump blood with greater force than what’s medically considered normal. This abnormality wears down the blood vessels and puts affected individuals at the risk of developing health conditions such as kidney disease, a stroke, or a heart attack. One of the ways that high blood pressure can be controlled is through dieting. Diets that contain fruits can help control blood pressure through the action of the nutrients and antioxidants they contain. Below are fruits that can help lower blood pressure.


Bananas are low in sodium and high in potassium, making them an excellent choice for people with high blood pressure. You can eat them individually or mix them into cereal, cake, bread, smoothies, and milkshakes. Alternatively, banana powder can be used as a replacement for raw fruit. According to San Francisco Bay Area News, banana powder has around 75% more potassium, fiber, sugar, and calories than raw fruit.


Most people are unaware of the numerous health advantages of pineapple as well as pineapple powder. Pineapple powder is beneficial in a variety of ways. You can create a pineapple drink from pineapple powder to manage high blood pressure. The high potassium content of pineapple powder leads to lower blood pressure readings. It is also low in salt, making it ideal for hypertension sufferers.


Avocados can also help to lower your high blood pressure. Avocados are abundant in oleic acid, which helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Avocados are also high in potassium and folate, both beneficial to the heart. They possess a high amount of antioxidants and are high in vitamins A, K, B, and E, as well as fiber.


Oranges, which have a tart, citrusy flavor and various antioxidants, may also help decrease your blood pressure. The fruit is abundant in fiber and vitamin C, which benefit the heart. Consuming the whole fruit rather than the juice is the better option since it helps you avoid losing vital fibers.


Berries can lower risk factors for heart disease, such as excessive blood pressure. Berries are high in antioxidants, especially anthocyanins, which give berries their brilliant color. Anthocyanins have been demonstrated to enhance nitric oxide levels in circulation while decreasing the formation of blood vessel-restricting molecules, potentially lowering blood pressure.


Nitrates are abundant in beetroot. Nitrates aid in the relaxation of blood vessels and the improvement of blood flow. It is an excellent source of potassium and helps to decrease blood pressure. Beetroot juice is thought to reduce systolic blood pressure in a few hours.

Monitoring and being selective of what is consumed can determine how well an individual can control their blood pressure. Opting for diets that include an array of fruits can help put blood pressure in check and help people with hypertension live a healthy life. Contact us today to place your fruit powder order!