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5 ways to enjoy fruit powders

Fruit powders such as raspberry powder are low hygroscopic and free-flowing but retain their nutritious nature. Most fruit powders usually give the aromatic appeal of real fruit juice, which makes it an ideal choice for many primary source suppliers. The unique history of berries, such as the maqui berry, a dark-purple, exotic fruit grown in the wilds of South America, according to Healthline, makes them widely sought after globally. Let’s explore some unique ways you can enjoy fruit powders.

1. Cereals

Adding fruit powders such as raspberry powder gives a plain cereal a more delicious taste. Most fruit powders are known to complement any powdered or crunchy cereal because they easily become soft in milk and give your meal a fruity feel.

2. Frosting

Fruit powders can be used as a healthy, natural, and tasty sweetener for frosting. Beyond making baked goods have a pleasing appearance, it also makes them taste better. The right fruit powder will give your frostings the right taste, texture, quality, and consistency required for a tasty treat.

3. Beverages

In beverages such as energy drinks, fruit drinks, and coffee, adding raspberry powder can give them a unique color and flavor. Fruit powders also give total control over the taste and consistency of the product.

4. Baked Items

Powders such as raspberry powder are known to give cupcakes and muffins a unique raspberry flavor. Adding fruit powders to your baked goods gives them a kick of flavor similar to a real piece of fruit, but the plus side is that powder is easier to bake with.

5. Fruit Drinks

Fruit powders may also be added to water to create healthy fruity beverages. If you want to get the perfect natural taste of berries without having to squeeze the juice from a piece of fruit, powdered berries can serve as a perfect alternative for this. The good thing about fruit powders is that the user may opt to mix them with other powders for a unique and refreshing taste.

There are several ways to enjoy fruit powders, especially because of their versatile nature. They can be used for making fruit juices, baking toppings, fruit toppings, and even bowls of cereal. What’s more? Fruit powders are healthy and natural, thus making them the perfect choice for people who are conscious of their health. Contact us today to place your bulk fruit powder order!