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3 Tips for Beverage Manufacturers Who Make Detox Juice Cleanse

raw juice cleanse

Today, more people prefer raw juices extracted from super berries, fruits, and vegetables such as carrots and spinach. Raw juice cleanse has gained popularity as a health practice, especially for people who wish to detox more regularly. Beverage companies and smoothie franchises are now making raw juice cleanses to match the increase in demand.

If you’re a beverage manufacturer looking to start making raw juice cleanse, the following tips will come in handy.

1. Choose a Reliable Bulk Supplier for Your Super Fruits

To make quality raw juice cleanses, you must include super berries such as maqui berries, raspberry, cranberry, and blueberry. This is because these super berries contain a high volume of antioxidants, such as anthocyanins. The health benefits of these superfruits, like maqui berries, have been proven through numerous clinical studies. In fact, a two-week clinical study found that smokers who took two grams of maqui berry extracts twice daily recorded a substantial decrease in lung inflammation.

This means finding a trusted wholesaler who will supply you with all the super fruits that you need. Your supplier should be able to get you fresh fruits in good time. Given that raw juice cleanse is not pasteurized, the quality is dependent on the freshness of your fruits. A well-connected supplier will have strong working relationships with farmers, collection yards, packing plants, and other supply chain players. Therefore, you can consistently guarantee your customers fresh and healthy raw juice cleanse each day.

2. Utilize Organic Freeze-Dried Berry Powders

While maqui berries contain the highest percentage of antioxidants and are perfect for a detox juice cleanse, it is rare to find the berries in their fresh form. Maqui berries are a wild fruit that grows in Chile and Argentina. However, superfruits dealers utilize dry freezing for preserving the berries in a powder form. Dry freezing ensures that the berries preserve all their nutrient value, especially the antioxidants compounds. The good thing is that maqui powder is in plentiful supply, and easy to add to your raw juice cleanse products. Since other fruits and vegetables such as kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots, lemons, apples, and oranges are easy to find in their raw form, you can add freeze-dried maqui powder to improve your detox juice cleanse.

3. Buy Superfoods in Bulk

Since you can easily store berry powder for a long time without it going bad or losing its nutrient value, buying in bulk is more economical for your business. You can buy maqui berry powder in bulk, cranberry powder in bulk, and blueberry powder wholesale. When you buy superfoods in bulk, you will enjoy better prices, and you will not run the risk of being short in supply. Overall, buying berry powder in bulk will boost your business and help you make more detox juice cleanses to match the rising demand.

Health experts and nutritionists have suggested that raw juice cleanse helps people manage weight and also may contribute to better metabolism. As more people realize the health benefits of raw juice cleanses, the demand for raw juice cleanses continues to rise.

As a beverage manufacturer who makes raw juice cleanses, you must ensure that you find a reliable super fruit supplier.