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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Dehydrated Fruit Powders

As more people make transitions to healthy foods made from plant-based ingredients, dehydrated fruit powders are getting attention. Their benefits, such as being healthy, lightweight, and natural, make them a preferred choice for co-packers, beverage companies, and snack companies. Yet, these benefits remain untapped because of insufficient information or a lack of research-backed facts. Here are three things you probably didn’t know about dehydrated fruit powders.

1. Dehydrated Fruit Powder Contains More Nutrients, Fiber, and Vitamins

Dehydrating fruits only removes water but retains their nutritional value. While fresh fruits typically contain more nutrients and vitamins, drying concentrates them. So a small portion of dehydrated fruit powder has a denser amount of nutrients and fiber.

For example, according to the Conversation, a 30g serving of dried apricot is similar to a 175g serving of fresh apricot in supplying the daily recommended intake for iron. A journal article on Nutrients shows that dried mooring powder contains 30% fiber, which is beneficial for digestion and a protective factor against diseases.

2. Dehydrated Fruit Powders Are a High-Calorie but Healthy Carb Source

Some enthusiasts of healthy eating worry that consuming dehydrated fruit powders increases calorie intake and thus could lead to weight gain. Dehydrated fruit powders have higher calories per weight because of water loss, but are still healthy.

Dehydrated fruit powders provide a healthy carb source, a suitable alternative to hyper-processed snacks. One study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that dried fruit consumption improved diet and participants had lower waist circumferences and better blood circulation, which shows how great fruit powders are.

3. Dehydrated Fruit Powders Retain Nutrients Longer Than Fresh Fruit

After some time, fresh fruit, even when refrigerated, loses nutritional value. According to WebMD, this nutritional loss can be 50% in some cases. The good news is that dehydrated fruit powders retain their nutritional value even without expensive preservation methods. Self-preservation makes dehydrated fruit powders a choice snack for hikers and long-distance travelers. You don’t have to worry about your fruit going bad or losing its nutrients.

Before you choose a suitable brand of dehydrated fruit powder co-packer, snack company, and food processor, ensure they invest in dehydrated fruit powders from primary source suppliers who can assure taste, quality, texture, and consistency. Rain Forest Supply is an FDA-certified bulk dehydrated fruit powders supplier. Contact us by filling out the contact form for bulk or wholesale orders.