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Panela Sugarcane Powder

From: $7.25 / month

Ultra-Pure Single Ingredient

Legend Says

This unrefined sugar is typical of Central and South America and is obtained from the evaporation of sugarcane. Sugarcane is pressed using grinding wheels releasing juices. These juices are then simmered and evaporated to leave the unrefined caramel and molasses-flavored sugar for this ingredient. While Panela ends there, further refined, centrifuged and bleaching is what makes white sugar crystals. Brown sugar is no better because it is produced by adding molasses to processed white sugar crystals. Panela is what you get before centrifuging, refining, and bleaching. This is not turbinado, not brown sugar, and not refined white sugar. This is better and does not have the chemical aftertaste of fake sweeteners and substitutes. If you want a rich flavored natural sweeter this is the way to go!

Product Size Chart

5 grams serving size, approximately 1 spoon. Click to enlarge.



How To Use Panela

Try changing out white and brown sugar with panela in all manner of desserts, coffee, teas, glazes, sauces and recipes. Consider a couple of spoons in a glass of water with lemon or lime. Use panela to make sauces sticky, reductions sweeter, or create your own flavored syrup with cinnamon or coconut. If you make your own bbq sauce or want to make award-winning brisket, panela will make it thick and sweet so your sauce will have the most glorious caramelization.

Great for cooking

Panela is a sweetener that works well to complement the flavor and minerality of coffee or tea. Panela powder can be used as a replacement for white, brown, and turbinado sugar in all kinds of baking, cooking, and beverages. Use it in blended juices, smoothies, and cocktails. It does not contain gluten.


Panela has a deep and supple flavor profile. It is a mix of exotic Colombian undertones and the complexity and aroma of small batch artisanal craft. It enhances flavor by layering in hints of molasses, raisin, caramel, and spice.

For bulk production

Panela powder is the next big thing in sugar alternatives. Rainforest Supply’s panela powder brings this ingredient to consumers in a variety of settings. Restaurants, coffee roasters, cafes, bakeries, and other food and beverage manufacturers are discovering this ingredient.


Dried unrefined sugarcane. No added sugar because it is sugar.
It does not contain Gluten, Preservatives, Refined sugar, Sugar Alcohols, Animal products. Filler, Additives, Artificial Ingredients. Contains no added milk, egg, soy, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, wheat, gluten or yeast ingredients. This product is NOT manufactured in a facility that processes other products that contain milk, egg or peanuts.


Saccharum offcicinarum


One gram of panela has 3.5 calories. See label for exact amounts.


Vegan, Raw, Gluten Free


Keep it in a cool & dry place. Shelf life 1 year.




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